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January 5, 2008

A little bit about my experience with hairloss. I started noticing my hair getting thin around 4 years ago, aged 19. They say that by the time you notice it, your hairloss has advanced about 40%. Knowing this was a bit if a worry, so i turned to my good friend the internet, and began to research. The research phase is still going, and 4 years on my hair is growing steadily, much better than it has before! In the meantime though, I had even so far as resorted to shaving my head to combat looking like an old man. It wasnt really the outcome I wanted, so I tried many products and discussed online with many professionals to try out both the latest and time-proven methods or lotions, potions and foods that help hair growth. I feel my success to this date was bought about by this pro-active approach, and it saved me much time and money over going to a clinic, having surgery or taking expensive medication to get my hair back. I encourage anyone who is concerned to have a look at the site I out together with the help of a few online and practising professionals at Thanks!!