Your HairLoss: The 100% feature packed Lowdown! MUST READ

Well, lets not pretend its not a big subject. As far as looking good is concerned, hair is pretty much well up there. Aside from being fat, being ugly or being broke, having no hair is one of the greats when it comes to not feeling attractive to others. Not just girls to boys and boys to girls, even going for a job, impressing others or striking up a deal over something. Looking sharp always helps! And a biggie when looking sharp is having a healthy bloody good looking head of hair! Lets face it, we all lust after it and if we can grow it, we bloody well will! Even if you choose to keep it short, thick lucious dense crops always look the best by far.

So its a big deal right?! sure is. So how can we go about keeping it? Theres a huge public conception out there that to get good results you got to go to a doctor or a clinic and do your best to afford all the hugely priced hairloss treatments and then spend years taking them in the hope that your hair grows back. Or theres the other shcool of thought that trys the natural ways and leans hard on the success of other trying new things at cost effective prices, and giving it a go. That last camp is where I decided to try first, and to be brutally honest, if you believe in it and put your 100% behind it, it sure works! Trust me. You’ve just gotta come across the treatment that best resonates with you. You will know it when you come accross it. Dont fear the worst, just visualise the best and stick to your plan. The results will come in, and you’ll be damn impressed and have a huge grin when you realise one day soon that your perseverance is working. The body and mind is such a sharp and little-understood tool; trust in your ability to heal what you want to heal, (in this case, my own previously shitty head of thin hair) take the physical treatment you desire to use, and stick at it! Train yourself to accept and encourage the benefits it will bring. Self doubt and pointless shelling out of big bucks on fancy pills and lotions will get you no where unless you back it 100% with body and mind. This is why the pharmacies always leave that little disclaimer on their packets “Individual results may vary”. Its such a powerful way of covering their own ass’s when your mega $$$ course of drugs doesnt work. What does work it training your mind and body to believe in the results and visualise the win. Doctors AND the general public have proved this thousands of times over, from miracle recoveries to miracle survival in the most horrid of circumstances and diagnosis, to the well documented ‘placebo effect’ (google it, its awesome!). The human mind and the ability of it to heal and work the body is the LEAST understood process in history, yet its the longest surviving monument history has given us, being with mankind long before the pyramids, the bible or the current natural environment we know. Work it to your advantage today, and get on the road to a HEALTHY head of hair, or a healthy ANYTHING else you desire at all!


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