Health and Beauty Show 08

Hi guys, i recently attended a Health and Beauty show in Melbourne, Australia and had the opportunity to talk with some experts and retailers in the Hairloss sector. There were many people from both Austrailia and America as well as Europe and England. One Proffessor, Prof. Euegene Thomason from Nantucket USA, I had the privilage of spending some time with was very supportive of natural treatments, and remarked that they are often a vital complementory process along side traditional treatments or medicines. He suggested trying cranberry pulp, rosemary oil, emu oil, aloe vera juice, mint extract and of course saw palmetto as ideal starting points for topical application. In addition, he said a diet high in omega-3 and zinc is a great booster to the bodies keratin and protien production. Fish, shellfish, kelp/seaweed and mineral rich vegetables such as brocolli are all high on his list. Give it a whirl!


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