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How to prevent hair loss

February 19, 2009

How to prevent hair loss It might seem like common enough stuff, but sometimes it can help to take a look at how to prevent hair loss. This can help alot, as many people are sometimes unaware just what can help and what can hinder the care of your scalp and hair, both to promote growth/ reduce loss, and to care for and get the best out of existing hair strands. These tips help you decide how to prevent hair loss, and we advise you to try them out and see what ones work for you. Below are some simple pointers that everyone should follow: 1) Invest in a low cost, quality hair loss help program The biggest favour you can do yourself, is to learn just how to prevent hair loss from happening. For this, you’ll need to grab a copy of The Ultimate Hair Loss Solution. Its very cheap, and I used it myself to start some exciting hair regrowth strategies, and it paid off for me, with new hair growing within 3 months, and noticable thickening of the existing hair. And remember, stick to it. The internet is a big place and its easy to suffer information overload. It seems everyone is trying to tell you how to prevent hair loss! Stick with the cure program that has helped more than any other. Click here to find out more about the exciting ‘Ultimate Hair Loss Solution’ 2) Make sure you regularly wash your hair! This means every 2-3 days at very least. Its a big help to have a clean scalp and let the hair breathe and grow properly without being clogged or dirty. Dirt, hair product and oils are the main culprits for dirty hair. Even sweat from the scalp can build up unseen and block the vital airflow and bloodflow that your scalp craves. Dont stress that shampoo will harm your hair, most shampoos are 100% fine, but its best to avoid bulk cheap shampoos for best results. Some are soap based and can do more harm than good and actually accelerate hair loss. Also, avoid 2in1 or 3in1 shampoos, its best to complete steps with seperate conditioner and shampoo rather than try the time saving way! 3) Brush your hair daily! Your scalp design is unfortunitly a little flawed in that dead skin and buildup at the base of the hair, has few ways of being flushed off the scalp. Even a quick wash can often only pad down and increase buildups. The best way is to brush vigouriously and firmly, in order to sweep away and break up the loose and dead skin that chokes follicles and flattens hair, making it seem limp and lack lustre. Its very rare that you can damage the scalp or follicles from over brushing, but the general rule is if it hurts its probably being done wrong. Firm, direct strokes from the front of the hairline to the back of the crown are best.In this way, it also form a good massage for the scalp, and blood flow is promoted in the scalp area. 4) Shampoo and Condition to your hair type! Its not really enough just to condition your hair with any old product in the shower stall. Make sure your hair care products are designed to reflect the type of hair and scalp conditions your exhibit. In the battle of how to prevent hair loss, one of the worst things you can do is to choose the wrong shampoo and conditioner. For instance, if your hair is quite oily and is curly or wavy, its no good using a shampoo and conditioner for dry and thin hair. Your hair will most likely be thick if it is wavy or curly, and you should get products designed for your hair type. There is a huge aray of products that suit many hair types, so choice is never a problem if you shop at reputable outlets and stick to high quality brands. Similarly, the hair product you choose should also be suited to your hair type for best results. You wouldn’t fill your diesel car with petrol, so try and think of your hair as the same! Your hair will reward you with the results you desire by taking care of this simple step on how to prevent hair loss. See our homepage for more, All the best, Janse Willems.


Rogaine (Minoxidol 5%) Being Trialed

February 3, 2009

Hi guys, just a short post to let you know I will be trialing a course of minoxidol 5% rogaine spray for the next few months. Keep an eye on the progress at