2008 – a goodun’!

May 23, 2008

Judging by the amount of activity in the hair loss research field, it seems 2008 is shaping up to be an exciting year for sufferers! Remeber to visit www.hairlossreviewworld.com for more exciting info and articles


Hair Cloning?

April 18, 2008

Group of researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) have identified new mechanism that controls cyclic activation of hair follicle stem cells. They have shown that signaling proteins – BMPs (bone morphogenetic proteins) provide basis for coordinated stem cell activity during hair regeneration. This study is published in the Jan. 17 issue of the journal Nature: Cyclic dermal BMP signalling regulates stem cell activation during hair regenerationFindings revealed in the study have important implications for stem cell research and in understanding how stem cell activity is regulated during regeneration, says Dr. Cheng-Ming Chuong, principal investigator and professor of pathology at USC.

“Hairs are an important model for organ regeneration in mammals because it is one of the only organs that regenerates on a regular basis,” Chuong says. “The research presents major possibilities for hair re-growth and ultimately organ regeneration.”


New Combat For Hair Loss

March 23, 2008

Professor Dr. Markus Nöthen, who holds the Chair of Genetic Medicine at Bonn University’s Life & Brain Centre, explains, “The defective receptor structure falls into the category of what are known as G-protein-coupled receptors.” This is good news, because, “they are particularly well suited as points of impact for drug treatments.” The researchers have also been able to identify an endogenous messenger that binds in the hair follicle to the receptor.

Alopecia Areata

March 20, 2008

From Australia: Patients who are afflicted by the condition known as alopecia areata — patchy hair loss — should understand that there is “no reliable, safe, effective, long-term treatment,” said review co-author Dr. Mike Sladden, a dermatologist and senior lecturer at the University of Tasmania in Australia.

Daily Hairloss #’s

February 14, 2008

ScienceDaily (Feb. 26, 2008) — A healthy individual loses around a hundred hairs a day. Nothing to worry about as long as they are constantly replaced and the losses occur evenly around the whole scalp. But when hair loss goes well beyond this level it can become quite a problem for those affected — not only superficially in terms of looks but also psychologically.

My Story

January 5, 2008

A little bit about my experience with hairloss. I started noticing my hair getting thin around 4 years ago, aged 19. They say that by the time you notice it, your hairloss has advanced about 40%. Knowing this was a bit if a worry, so i turned to my good friend the internet, and began to research. The research phase is still going, and 4 years on my hair is growing steadily, much better than it has before! In the meantime though, I had even so far as resorted to shaving my head to combat looking like an old man. It wasnt really the outcome I wanted, so I tried many products and discussed online with many professionals to try out both the latest and time-proven methods or lotions, potions and foods that help hair growth. I feel my success to this date was bought about by this pro-active approach, and it saved me much time and money over going to a clinic, having surgery or taking expensive medication to get my hair back. I encourage anyone who is concerned to have a look at the site I out together with the help of a few online and practising professionals at www.hairlossreviewworld.com. Thanks!!

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December 15, 2007

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