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How to prevent hair loss

February 19, 2009

How to prevent hair loss It might seem like common enough stuff, but sometimes it can help to take a look at how to prevent hair loss. This can help alot, as many people are sometimes unaware just what can help and what can hinder the care of your scalp and hair, both to promote growth/ reduce loss, and to care for and get the best out of existing hair strands. These tips help you decide how to prevent hair loss, and we advise you to try them out and see what ones work for you. Below are some simple pointers that everyone should follow: 1) Invest in a low cost, quality hair loss help program The biggest favour you can do yourself, is to learn just how to prevent hair loss from happening. For this, you’ll need to grab a copy of The Ultimate Hair Loss Solution. Its very cheap, and I used it myself to start some exciting hair regrowth strategies, and it paid off for me, with new hair growing within 3 months, and noticable thickening of the existing hair. And remember, stick to it. The internet is a big place and its easy to suffer information overload. It seems everyone is trying to tell you how to prevent hair loss! Stick with the cure program that has helped more than any other. Click here to find out more about the exciting ‘Ultimate Hair Loss Solution’ 2) Make sure you regularly wash your hair! This means every 2-3 days at very least. Its a big help to have a clean scalp and let the hair breathe and grow properly without being clogged or dirty. Dirt, hair product and oils are the main culprits for dirty hair. Even sweat from the scalp can build up unseen and block the vital airflow and bloodflow that your scalp craves. Dont stress that shampoo will harm your hair, most shampoos are 100% fine, but its best to avoid bulk cheap shampoos for best results. Some are soap based and can do more harm than good and actually accelerate hair loss. Also, avoid 2in1 or 3in1 shampoos, its best to complete steps with seperate conditioner and shampoo rather than try the time saving way! 3) Brush your hair daily! Your scalp design is unfortunitly a little flawed in that dead skin and buildup at the base of the hair, has few ways of being flushed off the scalp. Even a quick wash can often only pad down and increase buildups. The best way is to brush vigouriously and firmly, in order to sweep away and break up the loose and dead skin that chokes follicles and flattens hair, making it seem limp and lack lustre. Its very rare that you can damage the scalp or follicles from over brushing, but the general rule is if it hurts its probably being done wrong. Firm, direct strokes from the front of the hairline to the back of the crown are best.In this way, it also form a good massage for the scalp, and blood flow is promoted in the scalp area. 4) Shampoo and Condition to your hair type! Its not really enough just to condition your hair with any old product in the shower stall. Make sure your hair care products are designed to reflect the type of hair and scalp conditions your exhibit. In the battle of how to prevent hair loss, one of the worst things you can do is to choose the wrong shampoo and conditioner. For instance, if your hair is quite oily and is curly or wavy, its no good using a shampoo and conditioner for dry and thin hair. Your hair will most likely be thick if it is wavy or curly, and you should get products designed for your hair type. There is a huge aray of products that suit many hair types, so choice is never a problem if you shop at reputable outlets and stick to high quality brands. Similarly, the hair product you choose should also be suited to your hair type for best results. You wouldn’t fill your diesel car with petrol, so try and think of your hair as the same! Your hair will reward you with the results you desire by taking care of this simple step on how to prevent hair loss. See our homepage for more, All the best, Janse Willems.


Rogaine (Minoxidol 5%) Being Trialed

February 3, 2009

Hi guys, just a short post to let you know I will be trialing a course of minoxidol 5% rogaine spray for the next few months. Keep an eye on the progress at

New study identifies Baldness Genes in Male Pattern Baldness

November 25, 2008

Oct. 13, 2008 — Scientists have discovered six gene variants, all on the same chromosome, that are linked to male-pattern baldness.

Those findings, published in the advance online edition of Nature Genetics, may provide some new leads for researchers developing new treatments for baldness.

“Clearly, most men know if they are bald or not, but early prediction before hair loss starts may lead to some interesting therapies that are more effective than treating late-stage hair loss,” researcher Tim Spector, a professor at King’s College London, says in a news release.

The new discoveries come from two studies, which together included more than 3,400 men and women in Western Europe. The researchers compared the genes of people with and without male-pattern baldness.

One study identified a gene variant that, when accompanied by another baldness gene variant on the androgen receptor gene, drove the odds of male-pattern baldness seven times higher. One man in seven has both of those gene variants, according to the researchers, who included Spector. That study was funded in part by drug company GlaxoSmithKline; one of the researchers (not Spector) is a GlaxoSmithKline employee.

The study flagged five other gene variants that are associated with male-pattern baldness and are on the same chromosome as the variant found by Spector and colleagues.

No one knows yet what those gene variants do or how they affect baldness. Figuring that out could inspire new treatments, the researchers note.

Winter Months

November 14, 2008

Hi Guys,

Just a quick note to say it pays to keep an eye on the cooler months. Cool weather often coincides with low atmospheric pressure, which can mean your hair is hard to control and can sometimes be ‘fluffy’ or un manageable. This can have a few effects on those who are trying to stop hair from falling out, the first is that you are best to try avoiding putting in harsh products to keep your hair presented the way you wish it to be. Secondly, wearing hats or close fitting beanies etc can make your scalp sweat. This leads to excess buildup of sebecous gunk, and can choke and clog follicles. Remember to wash throughly, regularly and rinse the scalp well.

Till next time! caio.

Health and Beauty Show 08

October 6, 2008

Hi guys, i recently attended a Health and Beauty show in Melbourne, Australia and had the opportunity to talk with some experts and retailers in the Hairloss sector. There were many people from both Austrailia and America as well as Europe and England. One Proffessor, Prof. Euegene Thomason from Nantucket USA, I had the privilage of spending some time with was very supportive of natural treatments, and remarked that they are often a vital complementory process along side traditional treatments or medicines. He suggested trying cranberry pulp, rosemary oil, emu oil, aloe vera juice, mint extract and of course saw palmetto as ideal starting points for topical application. In addition, he said a diet high in omega-3 and zinc is a great booster to the bodies keratin and protien production. Fish, shellfish, kelp/seaweed and mineral rich vegetables such as brocolli are all high on his list. Give it a whirl!

Your HairLoss: The 100% feature packed Lowdown! MUST READ

June 14, 2008

Well, lets not pretend its not a big subject. As far as looking good is concerned, hair is pretty much well up there. Aside from being fat, being ugly or being broke, having no hair is one of the greats when it comes to not feeling attractive to others. Not just girls to boys and boys to girls, even going for a job, impressing others or striking up a deal over something. Looking sharp always helps! And a biggie when looking sharp is having a healthy bloody good looking head of hair! Lets face it, we all lust after it and if we can grow it, we bloody well will! Even if you choose to keep it short, thick lucious dense crops always look the best by far.

So its a big deal right?! sure is. So how can we go about keeping it? Theres a huge public conception out there that to get good results you got to go to a doctor or a clinic and do your best to afford all the hugely priced hairloss treatments and then spend years taking them in the hope that your hair grows back. Or theres the other shcool of thought that trys the natural ways and leans hard on the success of other trying new things at cost effective prices, and giving it a go. That last camp is where I decided to try first, and to be brutally honest, if you believe in it and put your 100% behind it, it sure works! Trust me. You’ve just gotta come across the treatment that best resonates with you. You will know it when you come accross it. Dont fear the worst, just visualise the best and stick to your plan. The results will come in, and you’ll be damn impressed and have a huge grin when you realise one day soon that your perseverance is working. The body and mind is such a sharp and little-understood tool; trust in your ability to heal what you want to heal, (in this case, my own previously shitty head of thin hair) take the physical treatment you desire to use, and stick at it! Train yourself to accept and encourage the benefits it will bring. Self doubt and pointless shelling out of big bucks on fancy pills and lotions will get you no where unless you back it 100% with body and mind. This is why the pharmacies always leave that little disclaimer on their packets “Individual results may vary”. Its such a powerful way of covering their own ass’s when your mega $$$ course of drugs doesnt work. What does work it training your mind and body to believe in the results and visualise the win. Doctors AND the general public have proved this thousands of times over, from miracle recoveries to miracle survival in the most horrid of circumstances and diagnosis, to the well documented ‘placebo effect’ (google it, its awesome!). The human mind and the ability of it to heal and work the body is the LEAST understood process in history, yet its the longest surviving monument history has given us, being with mankind long before the pyramids, the bible or the current natural environment we know. Work it to your advantage today, and get on the road to a HEALTHY head of hair, or a healthy ANYTHING else you desire at all!

Summer Months

June 14, 2008

Be aware over the summer months of two things. Your body will be craving the vital production of vitamen-D for all over body health, that the sun provides. This has positive benefits for the prodction of skin and hair cells! On the flip side, the harsh UV light from the heat of the sun can lead to hair damage very rapidly. Its a good idea to put a small dab of quality natural based sun lotion with an SPF factor in your hair, to protect it from UV. Ultra Violet light will make hair brittle and hard to manage if exposure is to great. Enjoy the summer sun!

New Articles-Female Hairloss

June 11, 2008

Visit our site to see our new articles on Female Hairloss, Thinning and information about what can trigger Alopecia in women. Some great reading!

A daring new treatment

May 28, 2008

Ive had great reports from people using peppermint and spearmint products for hair follicle stimulation. Some people have used toothpaste and mouthwash and claim good results! Mint is a well known stimulant for the skin and scalp, the marines and army used mouthwash in the war as a cheap product for scalp health and dandruff cure. Try it out! hair is very tough and there is little to suggest it will harm your hair.

Hot product!!

May 26, 2008

Hi folks- try out emu oil as recommended in, visitors have reported good results, some saying they can feel a difference after 2 or 3 applications. Its a buzz product for natural healing and we urge you to give it a go, the bonus is its handy to have around the home for other purposes too, including burns, scarring, skin afflictions and stretch marks. Try it out today!